About us

NOA Holdings N.V. is a Holdings company staffed by a small team of experienced leaders working closely and hands-on with the local management teams to drive execution, deliver results and support healthy growth.

Strong governance is safeguarded by our Supervisory Board.

We are currently present in Poland and Albania and we are actively pursuing further acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe.

We frequently work with NOA advisors that are a core part of our network and approach. NOA represents an innovative way to approach responsible finance by:

  • Acquiring microfinance platforms and/or medium sized banks at fair value.
  • Leveraging our knowledge of acquiring and operating financial institutions in emerging markets, our strong domain expertise and our demonstrated ability to recruit and retain talented, knowledgeable people are clear NOA Holdings capabilities to evaluate, acquire and successfully integrate promising businesses to create value
  • Driving a disciplined turnaround by implementing clear, well defined and best-in-class business practices in the acquired businesses
  • Enabling the NOA operating businesses to reach their full potential by developing and implementing scalable and game-changing business models

This strategy will attain greater results as we create more scale by leveraging shared knowledge, practices and resources to provide a clear path to achieving real synergies and produce a Group that is more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Our motto is: “Per aspera, ad astra” meaning: "Through hardships to the stars"

NOA Holdings N.V.
Herengracht 500
1017 CB Amsterdam
The Netherlands